Choir Leadership

The Portland Symphonic Choir is a 501(c)(3) organization governed by an all-volunteer Board of Directors. PSC board members include local business leaders and singers who generously give their time and expertise to support our mission of “performing the choral masterworks with excellence and passion.”

Operations, production, development, marketing and communications for the Choir are managed by the Executive Director. All musical activities are under the leadership of the soon to be announced Artistic Leadership Consortium including auditions, rehearsal preparation, and repertoire selection.

2018-19 Portland Symphonic Choir Board of Directors

Executive Committee
Katherine Lefever – Chair
Rachel Bernstein – Vice Chair
Jason Brauser – Secretary
Daniel Knauss – Treasurer 

Jen Milius
Mark Slegers

Doug Schneider – Ex-officio

Elected Choir Representatives
John Eisemann – Choir President
Rachel Bernstein– Choir Vice President

Administrative Staff

Cara Cantonwine – Executive Director
Rick Deats – Production Manager
Janet George – Orchestra Personnel Coordinator
Cameron Griffith Herbert, Helen Deitz – Music Librarians
Stephanie Benischek – Summer Sings Coordinator

Artistic Staff

Douglas Schneider – Assistant Director & Accompanist
Cameron Griffith Herbert – Soprano section leader
Helen Dietz – Alto section leader
Gary Shannon – Tenor section leader
Phill Hurley– Bass section leader