Join your Portland Symphonic Choir

The Portland Symphonic Choir is the city’s oldest and largest independent choral organization. Best known as the official chorus for the Oregon Symphony, our semi-professional Choir is comprised of experienced choral singers from all over the Portland metropolitan area, and from all walks of life. From recent college graduates, music teachers, and professional singers to lawyers, nurses, and retirees, we share a unifying musical mission to sing the great choral masterworks with excellence and passion, and to engage, educate, enrich and inspire both our members and the community.”

Each member of the Choir is accepted for membership pending an initial audition. Singers are asked to prepare a classical selection (i.e. aria or art song). An accompanist will be provided. New member auditions occur two times per year  by appointment only. For more information, or to schedule your audition, please email our auditions coordinator:

Mid-season auditions for the 2017-18 season will be held January 12 and 13, 2018 by appointment. Auditions for the 2018-19 season will be held in August 2018.  For an audition appointment, email: 

Our audition for each new or former singer is approximately 10 minutes long, and includes:


One approximately 3-to-4-minute, piano-accompanied solo song or aria of your choice from classical repertoire (no show tunes, no jazz, no Top 10) that will showcase your singing technique and the features of your voice


Scales and other vocalises as directed by the Audition Team for range, timbre and vocal dexterity 


Sight-reading piece chosen that day by the Audition Team (This is piano-accompanied with your part de-emphasized, so do your best. Remember, it is only 1 of the audition factors)

Please bring a copy of your solo that is bound in some way (original score or 3-ring binder) for the provided accompanist.  You may also bring a copy for your own use, if you like.  No other copies are necessary, and the accompanist will return the one you provide for use.

The results of your audition will be sent to you via eMail, or via phone if time is short before the beginning of the next concert cycle.  If membership is not offered after your audition, please understand there are more factors than vocal skill that play into our Audition Team’s choices.  Highest among them is the overall balanced sound of the choir which could mean we currently have no more room in a particular section for new singers.