PSC Board: A Welcome and a Farewell

The Portland Symphonic Choir Board of Directors is both a working and an advisory board. Yes, our directors come to meetings and give advice, point out obstacles, and vote on motions, but they also volunteer their time to help plan events, haul risers, meet with community leaders, and usher concerts. In addition to all of the above, many of our directors also sing in the Choir. It’s hard work that too often goes unthanked and unrecognized publicly. Yet without them, we just couldn’t do what we do.

The past few months have brought new faces to the PSC Board, and I’m happy to welcome one more.

Alexis Gabriel is a communications and community engagement 37ac28acoordinator for the City of Portland’s Sunday Parkways program, and also serves on the Equity Committee for the Portland Bureau of Transportation. She is a graduate from the Middlebury Institute of International Studies where she earned her MBA in marketing and her MAIEP in sustainable development. Her career began in Japan where she taught English for three years. After returning to the U.S, her passion for people and the planet led her to pursue a career in sustainability with a focus on providing communications, strategy, and marketing expertise. She has worked as a consultant for Citrix and various private and non-profit organizations. Since arriving to Portland two years ago she has primarily focused on energy and transportation focused projects. She currently serves on the steering committee for the Business for the Culture and the Arts, volunteers the American Marketing Association and also volunteers with the Portland chapter of Women in Transportation. We’re excited to have Alexis with us!

1274000_10200757628770146_1670233687_oI’d also like to take a moment to thank Judith Babbitt for being a part of the PSC Board for the past two seasons. Judith came to us as a regular audience member and was eager to help PSC grow and improve. She provided a much needed perspective of the Choir from a patron and community member’s point of view. She has also been an active volunteer, especially with our annual appeal call nights, and Summer Sings. Judith recently decided to step down from the board, but has assured us that she’s remaining a fan. I personally want to thank her for her service, guidance, and willingness to help whenever asked.

Like so many nonprofits, the Portland Symphonic Choir depends on dedicated members of our community — from musicians and artists to educators and business professionals — to donate their time and talent to serve as Board members, ensuring the Choir continues to thrive for years to come. So much of the work of a nonprofit board happens behind the scenes, and to say it isn’t glamorous would be an understatement. Yet, for 70 years, PSC has benefited tremendously from the hard work and leadership provided by the many directors, presidents, and board officers whom have chosen to serve.

If joining a group of passionate, active, dedicated, intelligent music lovers sounds good to you, consider joining the PSC Board. Contact us for more information.